5 Tips That Will Transform Your Small Business

Mark Lindstrom5 tips that will transform your small business

Martin LindstromTODAY contributor

Feb. 1, 2014 at 1:12 PM ET

Branding expert Martin Lindstrom shows how a business turn-around is not only possible, but completely do-able in a very compressed timeframe.

More than 100,000 small businesses close their doors every year in the United States. Stiff online competition, fallout from the financial crisis and unlimited choices mean that shop owners need to think differently if they want to survive in today’s complex marketplace.

To find out if you’re at risk, take a look at these three “Rules of 5.” These apply to conventional retailers, not food and beverage outlets.
  1. How many times per week do your customers refer back to your window display? Fewer than five? There’s an issue.