Our ‘Creating Happiness in the Workplace’ Interview Series aims to provide meaningful conversations and tangible techniques to help our member businesses reduce stress in their daily lives and within their workplaces.

Resources for Help:

Brené Brown’s Dare To Lead

Click here to visit their site!


Click here to visit their site!

National Suicide Prevention Hotline

Call: 800-273-8255

Crisis Textline

Text: NAMI to 741-741-24/7

Veterans Crisis Line

Call: 1-800-273-8255

Child Abuse Hotline

Call: (800) 422-4453

City of Chicago Domestic Violence Helpline

Call: 1-877-863-6338

Illinois Helpline for Opioids and Other Substances

Call: 1-833-2FINDHELP (1-833-2-3463-4357)

The Trevor Project

Call: 1-866-488-7386 or text START to 678678Support for LGBTQ+ youth ages 24 and under

Marty Jalove: Master Happiness

OVERVIEW: Marty Jalove is an award-winning speaker, professional life coach, business consultant, and host of his own podcast ‘Bacon Bits’. He tells us how we can ‘Master Happiness’ within ourselves and in the workplace. He also gives advice and techniques to business owners on how they can improve their work environment. Great to chat with the LZACC’s 2022 Innovator of the Year! Click here to visit their website! 

Chelsea Laliberte-Barnes: CLB Strategies

OVERVIEW: Chelsea Laliberte-Barnes provides consultation, guidance, and support for community organizers, nonprofits, business owners, public agencies, and leaders. Chelsea talks to us about mental health, addiction, and how business owners can identify and provide support for those struggling. Click here to visit their website!

Serena Kleinstub: Deer Park Chiropractic

OVERVIEW: Serena Kleinstub is a board-certified chiropractic physician working for Deer Park Chiropractic. We talk to her about spine and back health and how it can affect our overall physical and mental health. Click here to visit their website!

Catherine Hunter: Catherine Hunter and Assc.

OVERVIEW: Catherine Hunter is a licensed, master degree-level therapist who has been operating in our area for over 30 years. Our interview with Catherine discusses the repercussions employees and employers are facing because of the COVID pandemic and how we can see the warning signs within ourselves and our employees. Click here to visit their website!

Doryce McCarthy: Omni Services

OVERVIEW: Doryce McCarthy is the President of Omni Services in Buffalo Grove. Doryce gives us insight into how our youth workforce has been affected by COVID and how we can create a more welcoming environment for the younger generation in our workplaces. Click here to visit their website!

Janine Bobko: Aligned Modern Health

OVERVIEW: Janine Bobko is the Director of Corporate Partnerships for Aligned Modern Health in Kildeer. We talk to her about how humans handle stress, the systems that deal with stress, and how alternative medicine and techniques can help us reduce stress and take us out of that ‘fight or flight’ nervous system response. Click here to visit their website!