Super Bowl LVIII: Brought to You by American Business

How the Big Game Impacts Communities Nationwide Provided by the US Chamber of Commerce Source: Las Vegas Super Bowl Host Committee The ability of businesses to team up to create unforgettable moments and touchstone experiences is a testament to the power and possibility of American Free Enterprise. Game day: On Sunday, millions of sports fans […]

New Federal Law Impacts Up To 900,000 IL Businesses

February 09, 2024 A new federal law that took effect on January 1, 2024, impacts many Illinois business owners and companies by requiring them to report Beneficial Ownership Information (BOI) to the federal government. The Corporate Transparency Act (CTA) aims to root out corruption and illicit activities. It will affect up to 900,000 small businesses, […]

INCubator LZHS

North Suburban Region 9 Returns to Tier 1 Mitigation for COVID-19

Effective today, North Suburban Region 9, which includes Lake and McHenry Counties, has met the criteria set by the Illinois Department of Public Health (IDPH) to move from Tier 2 to Tier 1 mitigations under the State’s Restore Illinois Resurgence Plan. Mitigation measures are strategies, such as restrictions on certain activities, put in place to […]

CARES Act Funded PPP Loan Program Resumes Application Acceptance

The PPP program is designed to help small businesses maintain payroll in light of the COVID-19 pandemic. Eligible businesses who enroll in the program will receive a forgivable loan to use for payroll purposes, in addition to helping pay for utilities, rent, mortgage interest payments, and more. New loans are capped at $2 million, compared […]

Second Round of PPP Loans

Publicity of Nominations for 2021 Board of Directors

October 19, 2020 TO:                           All Member of the LZ Area Chamber of Commerce  FROM:                    Claire Slattery, Executive Director  SUBJECT:              Publicity of Nominations for 2021 Board of Directors  ____________________________________________________________________ Pursuant to Section 2 of the By-Laws of the Lake Zurich Area Chamber of Commerce, the Nominating Committee has presented the […]

Google My Business for Beginners

When it comes to marketing your business and becoming more discoverable online, you think you’ve done it all. Update your website? Check. Refresh articles and added new products and services? Check. Have you even submitted your updates to Google so they appear in search results? Well, you’re off to a great start, but there is […]

How to Cope with Tight Deadlines. . .(or “I need this yesterday”)

Deadlines can be tools to help get things done or they can be stress generators. Know your personality and be realistic about how you work most effectively. Are you a procrastinator? A “get it done ahead of time or I can’t sleep type of person”? Build your deadline strategies with a realistic assessment of your […]

Working Remotely: Tips for Working Productively and Securely

As the Coronavirus pandemic continues to greatly impact our community, working from home is no longer an occasional benefit, but is now a requirement for many businesses to continue operating safely and effectively. While working from home does come with its perks, there are many new risks created when staff makes the transition to a […]