Meet with local candidates and decision-makers for the upcoming election! Candidates will have reserved booth space where community members will be able to go around, receive literature about the candidate, talk with the candidates and their team, and educate ourselves on how they are going to improve our State and Community.


Ask questions and have your concerns be heard from our upcoming candidates. Learn their policies and platforms and inform yourself on how you will be voting this November.

Admission is FREE.  Hope to see you there!

Candidates Expected To Be In Attendance:

U.S. Senate

Kathy Salvi, R

Bill Redpath, L


Darren Bailey, R

Attorney General

Dan Robin, L

State Senator, 26th District

Dan McConchie, R

Maria Peterson, D

State Representative, 51st District

Chris Bos, R

Nabeela Syed, D

Lake County Sheriff

John Idleburg, D

Mark Vice, R

Lake County Treasurer

Holly Kim, D

Paula McGuire, R

Lake County Clerk

Robin O’Connor, R

Anthony Vega, D

Lake County Regional Superintendent

Terry O’Brien

Supreme Court, 2nd District

Mark Curran, R

Elizabeth Rochford, D

Appellate Court, 2nd District

Chris Kennedy, D

Lake County Board, District 17

Michael Danforth, R

Alicia Timm, D

Lake County Board, District 18

Sarah Knizhnik, D

Kimberly Lynch

Lake County Board, District 19

Marah Altenberg, D

Joseph Janicki, R

More Added Everyday!

Location: Columbus Centre Banquets, Second Floor (Knights Banquet Hall)