Vendor Training: Panelist Hints – Bonnie Conte

Create the ambiance of your business.

Imagine picking up your business and dropping it in the booth for one day.

Find ways to create the “feel” of your business.


Tease their senses with color, interactive play, create FUN!


Eliminate paper as much as possible.

Attendees will be inundated with informational papers all day.

If you want to give them a flyer, make it interesting – and one they will want to hold on to after the event is over.


Maximize the effectiveness of your booth by having the RIGHT people working it.

Even if you can’t use all of your own employees, consider finding someone who has a great personality

That can lure people over to discover more about your business.


Avoid standing behind the table, it creates a barrier that sends a negative message to potential customers.

Make a better connection with them by creating a more inviting and friendly booth area.


Plan scripting in advance.  The gym will by loud.

Remember that you only have a couple minutes to engage them.


Most of all, remember to create a great memory for anyone who comes over to your booth.

It’s all about the experience that will encourage them to do business with you long after the Showcase is over.