Spend & Support 47/10 is a new local program that encourages all residents and businesses in the area to Spend their money and Support those businesses in the 60047 and 60010 zip codes first.

You have lots of choices out there when shopping for a product or service.  You are encouraged to look in your backyard for those products and services before driving down the road to a large indoor mall or jumping online.

By supporting your local businesses (those businesses, large or small, in the community you live), you:

  • Help to shape and preserve our distinctive community character
  • Help to provide more product choices through local competition and diversity
  • Keep money in our community
  • Help support local job and opportunity creation
  • Help to keep store open and in business
  • Allow local businesses to reinvest in our community
  • Help to strengthen the local economy
  • Help to fund local non-profits that local businesses give to
  • Ensure that local tax dollars stay local to keep our roads in good condition and parks open
  • Encourages community pride and ownership

So support our local businesses and spend your dollars with businesses in the 60047 and 60010 zip codes First!

A list of local businesses by category