Solopreneur Group

Build your business while you build lasting friendships!

five members of the solopreneur group in front of a wall saying "Working hard for something we love"

Working as a solopreneur often means working alone. While that comes with a lot of perks like the flexibility and freedom to design your business on your terms, it also presents its fair share of challenges like lack of resources or professional feedback (and it can even feel isolating at times).

Enter the LZACC Solopreneur Group! This group is designed to offer a space where you can collaborate, share ideas and network with other solo business owners just like you. Guest speakers tackle complex business subjects ranging from how to market your small business to how to craft your contract, while fellow business owners share what’s proven successful for them.

Monthly meetings are jam-packed with information you can use to run your business more efficiently, get more customers and grow your business. Come to the table with your toughest business challenges or bring your success stories to help out others.

If you are, or feel like, a business of one
then you’re invited to attend our meetings.

Past Meeting Topics

  • Post-Pandemic Marketing Strategies for Greater Profitability
  • Legal Issues Solopreneurs Encounter
  • Successful Strategies for Generating Leads
  • Email Automation
  • Chamber Benefits Solopreneurs Find Beneficial
  • Money Matters: Accounting, Banking, Financial Planning
  • Sustaining Working From Home
  • Using Videos to Drive Your Business
  • Networking with Your Fellow Solopreneurs
  • Measuring Success in Your Business
  • Network with Your Fellow Solopreneurs

We know how hard it is to be a business of one. You must be the billing department, the legal department, the
IT department, the administrative department, the marketing department, and so much more all wrapped up in
one. That’s why the LZACC Solopreneur Group is so valuable.

If you’ve been looking for an inclusive community of business owners who are in your exact position, the LZACC Solopreneur Group is your place! Join us for one of our monthly meetings to see what we’re all about.

What’s a Solopreneur?

The Solopreneur group is for members who are a business of one, or consider themselves a business of one. If that describes you, then we welcome you at our meetings. Know of a local solopreneur who might be interested in the Chamber and the Solopreneur Group? Bring them along to a meeting. Non-members are encouraged to try one or two of our meetings to see if the Chamber and this group are for them.

On occasion the Chamber will offer special marketing opportunities or benefits for solopreneur members. In those instances eligibility may be restricted to only those member businesses that have one employee and receive no funding or support from a parent organization or company.

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so·​lo·​pre·​neur | \ ˌsō-lō-p(r)ə-ˈnər

one who organizes, manages, and assumes the risks of a business or enterprise without the help of a partner a solo entrepreneur

If you are, or feel like, a business of one then you’re invited to attend our meetings.

Solopreneur Group Planning Committee

Alyssa Cukierski, Derek Hartmann

Kent Smith, Marty Jalove

Pete Salerno, Rich Ostry

The planning committee meets once or twice a quarter. We plan upcoming meeting topics and line up speakers for those topics. The committee also works to continually evolve the group. We’re a new group and need to adjust and modify as we learn what are solopreneur members are looking for. The planning committee is open to all solopreneur chamber members. Want to participate? Reach out to Kent Smith.