Things to know:
• We will have five stops that need be located geographically close to each other. This cuts down on the travel
time for the guests, and allows each location to have the time needed to serve guests and for guests to enjoy
the experience.

• Should this initial event be a success, we will plan more Crawls, each focusing on 5 new locations that are
geographically close. Our goal is to include all businesses wanting to become a Sponsor Participant.

What do I give to be Sponsor Participant?
• There is no fee to be a Sponsor Participant. You would only need to give a free item to each guest (valued
$5-$7). Guests may then purchase more items, preferably at a “Pub/Grub Crawl special rate.”

• You may have an activity available, but would be completely optional. (i.e. Karaoke, board games, bags, music,

• A fun time for all the guests!

What do I get for being a Sponsor Participant?
• You will be assigned a YP Rep that will be stationed at your location during the event to help out.

• Your name will be included on guests’ tee shirts, which will also be used as the “Passport” for the event.
Once the guest receives their free item, your YP Rep will check-mark the box next to your name on the shirt
indicating receipt of the item. These will be high quality shirts that can be worn long after the event is

• You will be included in all marketing materials for the event, inclusion on the Participant Sponsor sign
located inside the shuttle bus, and on the electronic display at the Holiday Inn Hotel, your business, and
other sponsor businesses.

• Great publicity and a bunch of new customers!