May 2023 Updates

The House concurred unanimously with Senate Amendment # 1 to HB 559 (Morgan/Glowiak Hilton) which creates the Health Care Workforce Reinforcement Act to codify and clean up the Governor’s COVID-19 Executive Orders regarding healthcare and the healthcare workforce.  Governor Pritzker signed the bill into law on Thursday, April 27.  Concerns out-of-state temporary healthcare worker licenses, clarifies some vaccination-related items and other pandemic-related ancillary issues.

Climate Works Pre-Apprenticeship Program:  The Department of Commerce and Economic Opportunity is offering $10 million in funding for the Climate Works Pre-Apprenticeship Program and $6 million for the Energy Transition Barrier Reduction Program – both under the auspices of the Climate and Equitable Jobs Act. The programs have a three-fold purpose: to increase training opportunities in the trade; to expand the clean energy talent pipeline; and to boost diversity in the clean energy trade industries by providing resources to limit barriers to participation. The programs will be run through training partners which will be selected through a competitive Notice of Funding Opportunity process.  Read more here.

HB1122 – Requires written contract between hiring entity and independent contractor for work over $500 in value.  Excludes construction workers.  Passed house, on to the Senate.

SB2034 – New leave benefit for employees who have lost a child to suicide or homicide – Up to 12 weeks unpaid leave for businesses with at least 250 workers.  Up to six weeks unpaid leave for smaller businesses.  This is not “in addition to” any existing federal or state leave (like FMLA).  Passed the Senate and headed to the House.

HB2547 – Warehouse Worker Protection Act – For warehouses of 100 employees or more at a single location or 1,000 or more at several locations statewide, whether owned or “controlled” by an entity.  Must provide each employee a written description of any quota regarding tasks or production numbers impacting the employee, upon hiring or within 30 days.  Also must include a description of what could happen to employee if quotas not met.  Must provide a written update every time quotas change with a couple of days.  Employer must maintain three years of records regarding employee quota information.  NOTE:  This covers third-party warehousing, independent and temporary workers as well.  Passed House and going to the Senate.

HB2376 – Ban on retail-type businesses selling or using a disposable food service container made of polystyrene foam.  Passed House going to the Senate.

HB2502 – Regulates display of alcoholic pop beverages.  Passed House and going to the Senate.