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LZACC Social Media Policy


The LZ Area Chamber of Commerce (LZACC) understands the importance that social media brings to its member businesses and encourages the use of social media platforms to create brand awareness, to create a dialogue with customers and members of the community, and to communicate programs and issues that deliver value to their audience. Our social media policy and guidelines apply to all LZACC members, employees, contractors, and volunteers working on behalf of the LZACC.


Information posted on Chamber social media platforms, by page administrators, will consist of the following information:

  • Chamber events, activities, programs, and news. Public policies and updates on important local, county, state, and national news, legislation, proposed acts, law changes, or other related news as determined by the site administrator.
  • Member success stories (recognitions earned, awards received, professional promotions, major accomplishments, grand openings, relocations, major expansions, or other news as determined by the site administrator).
  • Emergency and or urgent public safety information.
  • Community events, activities, programs, and news conducted by members and related tax supported bodies.
    • To guard against favoritism, LZACC will repost/share a member’s event on Facebook only when it follows the guidelines listed below and @LZACC is tagged in the post and/or made a
      co‐host of the event the member is hosting. LZACC staff will do it’s best to repost/accept cohosting duties, time permitting.
    • The Chamber has a goal to encourage members to do business with other members. To be fair to dues‐paying members, LZACC will not promote events that are in partnership with a
      non‐member business or non‐profit unless the Chamber member has paid for advertising. Members are encouraged to post their own events, promotions, and news on the Chamber’s social media platforms. The Chamber reserves the right to monitor and remove member posts that do not fall within the policies and guiding principles identified in this policy.

Members seeking for LZACC to repost/accept co‐hosting duties should not suggest, either explicitly or implicitly, that their social media content represents the communications of, or endorsements by, the Chamber, its affiliates, board members or employees. Members should be aware that because you are representing you and your business, you should comment in the same way as you would in any other public forum.


1. Transparency – Identify yourself, write in the first person, and don’t be afraid to show your personality.

2. Honesty – Do not make false or misleading comments/statements. If you have made a mistake, take responsibility for it.

3. Respectfulness – Exercise discretion and confidentiality when referring to fellow Chamber members and/or your customers. Do not post proprietary information and/or content unless you
have permission to do so.

4. Add Value – Stick to what you know, post meaningful comments, and aim for quality. Remember that social media platforms are not meant for promotion of products and services, but rather to
engage your audience in meaningful conversation.

5. Be Diligent – Check your sources, separate opinions from facts and identify all copyrighted or borrowed material with citations and links.

6. Stay Engaged ‐ Stay informed, feel free to post regularly, and respond to comments that are made on your posts in a timely manner.

7. Protect your Privacy – Never disclose your personal information.

8. Be Polite – Avoid personal attacks against individuals and businesses.

9. Use Common Sense – Once it’s posted, it is public information. Be sure to use courtesy and good judgment and review your posts thoroughly. Spell check everything before posting.

10. Frequency – be mindful that high levels of frequency that do not deliver value will be seen in a negative manner by your audience.


Contributions to social media platforms and online conversations might attract media attention. Media inquiries regarding postings on Chamber social media platforms will be handled by the Executive Director or (in his/her absence) the Chamber President. The Chamber will determine the best way to handle the inquiry.


Chamber staff, business members, and board members can be disciplined (including being blocked from social media platforms) for commentary, content, or images that are defamatory, pornographic, proprietary, harassing, libelous, that can create a hostile environment, or that do not further the objectives and mission of the Chamber.

While the LZACC office will oversee its social media platforms, it is not responsible for the accuracy and truthfulness of postings by third parties on its social media sites. Please contact the LZ Area Chamber office for inquiries or reporting of questionable content.


I acknowledge that I have received and read a copy of the Lake Zurich Area Chamber of Commerce Social Media Policy and that I am responsible for following it.

Last Revised: Jan. 11, 2022

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