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Federal Grant Support Program

General announcement open for some time with no specific due dates for applications: The Illinois Department of Commerce and Economic Opportunity’s (DCEO)’s Federal Grant Match Program will make $15 million available to Illinois-based businesses and organizations seeking competitive federal grants. This match program will encourage more applicants to apply for federal grant opportunities, provide critical assistance to meet the minimum match eligibility requirements, increase the competitiveness of applications, and provide the State of Illinois with an opportunity to make a firm commitment and demonstration of support for projects that are well aligned with the State’s economic development goals and priorities.

Blue Collar Jobs Act: The Illinois Department of Commerce and Economic Opportunity announced the launch of the Blue Collar Jobs Act (BCJA) Tax Credit application for eligible companies. BCJA is a bipartisan legislative package to promote economic expansion and growth in Illinois by incentivizing construction projects. The legislation makes $20 million in tax credits available per year for eligible companies. Read more here and here.

Climate Works Pre-Apprenticeship Program:  The Department of Commerce and Economic Opportunity is offering $10 million in funding for the Climate Works Pre-Apprenticeship Program and $6 million for the Energy Transition Barrier Reduction Program – both under the auspices of the Climate and Equitable Jobs Act. The programs have a three-fold purpose: to increase training opportunities in the trade; to expand the clean energy talent pipeline; and to boost diversity in the clean energy trade industries by providing resources to limit barriers to participation. The programs will be run through training partners which will be selected through a competitive Notice of Funding Opportunity process.  Read more here.


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EDA Economic Development Research and National Technical Assistance Program

What:  Grants under these programs are designed to leverage existing regional assets and support the implementation of economic development strategies that advance new ideas and creative approaches to advance economic prosperity in distressed communities. These grants seek to promote critical, cutting-edge research and best practices with practitioners in the economic development field. They also support a small number of projects that provide technical assistance at a national scope.

Potential Applicants:  Local governments, institutions of higher education, nonprofits, individuals, or for-profit organizations.

How Much: $1.5 million

Deadline:  Rolling
Apply: Information can be found HERE.