LZ Area Gift Checks Can Be Purchased For Use At Most Chamber Members Businesses.

    • 500 businesses in the area!
    • No Fees
    • Valid for 1 year after the purchase date. (does not lose value after 6 months)
    • Great gift for a birthdays, anniversaries, team coaches, job promotions, retirements, house warmings’, holidays, appreciation gifts, or any occasion!

Please contact us for more information or order online. Special weekend/evening pick-up available upon advance request.

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Take your gift one step further by downloading our new APP, which allows you to find all the Lake Zurich area chamber member businesses with one easy to use application on your smart phone! Use it to show your gift recipient where they can redeem their gift certificate!

Top TEN Reasons to Shop Local:

10. Inspire local prosperity

Entrepreneurs, skilled workers, and residents alike are all attracted to the feeling of prosperity and distinctive character.  By supporting small local businesses, you entice visitors to consider your community as one of promise and prosperity for the future, thus driving more settlement and more entrepreneurs.

9. Shopping local helps the environment

Local shops often stock a high percentage of local goods which often requires less transportation, thus reducing carbon footprint.  Furthermore, by establishing shop in town, they discourage suburban sprawl.

8. Shopping local keeps tax dollars local

Local businesses typically have less demand on local infrastructure and public service thus leaving your tax dollars to be spent on the things you care about such as schools, parks, and streets.

7. Shopping local retains our community distinctiveness

Our local restaurants, shops, and entertainment establishments are central to our experience of where we call home.  Each local business provides a unique character and experience.

6. Shopping Local Creates Jobs

Did you know that small local businesses are the largest employer nationally?  Shopping local sustains small businesses and decreases unemployment.

5. Local shops have great products at affordable prices

The innovation and dreams of local entrepreneurs brings a broad range of products and services to your community offering your great product choices and competitive pricing.

4. Shopping local saves services

Local business owners often live within the community in which they work and therefore are invested in its future.  Each individual business both private and public are tied to one another and as one disappears so to others.

3. Local independent shops support the community

Local business owners are over two times more likely to support local non-profit and charitable organizations such as schools, churches, and events than large businesses.

2. Local shops value you more

Evidence from customer surveys show people receive better customer care and service locally since small business owners typically have expertise in their product or service and take the time to get to know their customers.

1. Shopping local saves you money and time

Less driving equates to less spending of both time and money on gas and repairs in the long run.  More significantly, by buying local, you are allowing your money to be reinvested by those local businesses in the form of their purchases from other local organizations such as vendors, service providers, and farms.  This in turn, helps enhance the economic vitality of the whole community!

Visit these sites for great reasons to support local business in their effort for sustainability!

Shop Local

Think Local