Please complete this form as soon as possible as it relates to your Exhibitor needs at the EXPO on March 11, 2023.


Priority will be given to the first 20 businesses that registered, as promised, as long as this form is submitted by NOON on Friday, February 24.  We have every registration time-stamped upon completion.  We will do our best to grant your requested booth choices but must ensure the overall event set-up is proper for attendee traffic, flow, etc. (i.e. not placing two like businesses near each other, high traffic booths not at an entrance, etc.)  We DO NOT guarantee that one of your booth choices will be honored.

Maps subject to change at the discretion of LZACC planning committee.

Community EXPO Exhibitor Needs

Name of Person Completing Form:(Required)
Check this box if you need electricity. We cannot guarantee that you will receive electricity as outlets are limited. We will notify you if you are able to receive it. Please plan to bring an extension cord and a power strip.
We will provide one 6' table. Please confirm that you need a table. If you have a double booth or premium corner booth we will provide 2 tables.
Extra Table(Required)
If you need an extra table please indicate. These will be made available upon request as long as we have them available.
We will provide you with 2 chairs. Please confirm you would like chairs.