COMMUNITY ALERT – Pre-Paid Credit Card Scam

May 27, 2014
***Pre-Paid Credit Card Scam***

LZ Police Dept LogoOn May 27, 2014, a business in our Village received a call from a subject identifying himself as a
representative of ComEd. The caller advised of a large outstanding debt and advised the utility
would be shut-off if payment was not received. The caller advised the business to obtain Green-
Dot cards, and call them back to provide the card information so the funds are transferred.
Additional forms of this scam are;
Another twist of this scam is businesses being contacted by their “corporate office” and requested
to do the same practice of loading pre-paid cards and providing the information to the caller. In
some of the instances they would claim they are testing the credit card system, POS terminal,
system for existing or possible problems. They have also claimed these transactions are to cover
various fees.
We also had an instance where a caller to a retail stores relayed a bomb threat. The caller asked to
speak to the store manager, demanding that Green Dot MoneyPak cards each be activated and
loaded with $500 and that the card numbers be read aloud over the phone. The caller threatened
to blow up the stores if the managers did not comply and also threatened the store employees’
homes and families. The manager did not comply with the demands, and no explosive devices
were found.
We are warning residents and businesses that legitimate businesses and government agencies do
not conduct business transactions in this manner and do not instruct victims to purchase Green
Dot Money Pack cards or other pre-paid credit cards. Verify any unsolicited business transaction
requests by contacting the company yourself by a telephone number or email address which you
These scams are currently occurring on a regular basis throughout the United States.
Green Dot has a fraud reporting number to contact as well at 800-GREEN DOT and its website has information regarding how to avoid common scams related to its products.
If you have any information about this scam, please contact the Lake Zurich Police Department
Criminal Investigations Division at (847)719-1695.

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