Interested in Becoming A LZACC Board Member?

Our Board of Directors is a distinguished group of Chamber members who have exhibited leadership and integrity in our organization and the surrounding communities.  A brief overview of the commitments our Board members make, includes:

  • Attend all board, committee and task force meetings on which they serve.
  • Become familiar with the organization’s governing documents.
  • Be prepared to discuss strategic issues and business at hand at scheduled meetings.
  • Maintain confidentiality of information received for governance and decision making.
  • Always act in the best interest of the organization, the membership, leadership, volunteers and staff.
  • Act as a resource in identifying trends, issues, opportunities and challenges facing the business community and membership that may deserve the attention of the board.
  • Serve on or act as liaison to at least one committee and keep the board informed of its progress and goals.
  • Support the organization by attending events and participate in sponsorship opportunities.
  • Seek out and recruit future leaders to govern the organization and serve on committees
  • Seek out and recruit no less than three (3) new members to the organization during my term in office.

The 2023 LZACC Nominating Committee is seeking current standing members who are interested in being on the LZACC Board of Directors.  Please complete the form below expressing your reason for wanting to be a member of the Board and what attributes you have that would make you a great Director (including previous/other Board experience).

Deadline for Submissions is July 27, 2022