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The Sale of Gift Cards is not Taxed

PLEASE NOTE:  If your business sells Gift Cards, they are exempt from sales tax in the state of Illinois, as they are simply the exchange of one form of currency into another form.  Eligible sales taxes of any type should only be charged when the gift card is used in the actual purchase of an […]

8 Ways To Get More Out Of Your Chamber Of Commerce Membership

There are many reasons to join your local Chamber of Commerce. Some of the obvious ones are networking opportunities, community involvement, and the trust that Chamber affiliation builds with your customers. Of course, there are many more benefits you receive from becoming a Chamber member, but many people don’t fully enjoy them. They wrongly assume that […]

Mom-and-Pop Shops Are Threatening the Mall This Holiday Season

Mom-and-Pop Shops Are Threatening the Mall This Holiday Season By Lauren Coleman-Lochner, Alexandra Stratton, and Janet Freund November 22, 2017, 7:00 AM CST Bloomberg News More bad news for America’s shopping malls: Consumers are shopping closer to home. And increasingly, home is not where the malls are. Spending growth at mom-and-pop businesses has outpaced that […]

Why you should consider buying locally

CTW Features For some, the shop-local experience is worth paying a few dollars more, even if an online search can turn up a cheaper price on an item. But while savings may be found if your’re only searching the price tag of a particular item, the bigger picture could sway even the most cost-conscious person […]

Online Educational Programs

The LZ Area Chamber of Commerce has partnered with ZipEdTech to offer a large catalog of affordable, fun and user-friendly online education/training for employers and employees. These online programs are available 24/7 and include everything from: Accounting and financial services How to retain good employees Minimizing Risk and lessening liability Marketing Customer Service HR management […]

Essential Facts about the new DOL Overtime Exemption Rules

  Essential Facts about the new DOL Overtime Exemption Rules by Samantha Yurman, JD, As published in the Summer 2016 Issue of ACCE Chamber Executive Magazine In May, the U.S. Department of Labor (DOL) announced the publication of a final rule amending the white collar overtime exemptions to the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA). The […]

7 Best Practices for Networking That Actually Work

Here is a helpful article about effective networking by Nicolas Cole that appeared in INC. Magazine: Your network is your net worth. When people think about networking, they imagine themselves walking around a big event, trying their best to be extroverted. They think about shaking hands and exchanging business cards, with the hope that sometime in […]