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What benefits should businesses be forced to provide employees?

The Hobby Lobby decision issued Monday by the U.S. Supreme court has the nation in a frenzy. The decision protecting employers from being required to provide contraceptives is limited in scope, applying only to closely held/family-owned for-profit businesses. This is not applicable to publicly traded businesses. Further, not-for-profit organizations were not addressed in this opinion. […]

Minimum Wage Increase

The Chicago Minimum Wage Working Group reported back earlier this week that the minimum wage in Chicago should be raised to $13 an hour by the year 2018 and linked to inflation thereafter. Let’s break this down and see how it would affect the LZ Area Chamber of Commerce or other similar size businesses. For […]

COMMUNITY ALERT – Pre-Paid Credit Card Scam

***COMMUNITY ALERT*** May 27, 2014 ***Pre-Paid Credit Card Scam*** On May 27, 2014, a business in our Village received a call from a subject identifying himself as a representative of ComEd. The caller advised of a large outstanding debt and advised the utility would be shut-off if payment was not received. The caller advised the […]

Vendor Training: Panelist Hints – Bonnie Conte

Create the ambiance of your business. Imagine picking up your business and dropping it in the booth for one day. Find ways to create the “feel” of your business.   Tease their senses with color, interactive play, create FUN!   Eliminate paper as much as possible. Attendees will be inundated with informational papers all day. […]

Theme & Basics

Booths are 10’ x 10’, draping will be white and gold You will probably hand out 800-100 trinkets at your booth Booths include:  (1) 6” table, 2 chairs, wi-fi Electricity is not included