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Creating a High Performing Culture


You know what good corporate culture looks like: It’s cheerful employees who stay late without grumbling. It’s a team that outperforms itself time and time again. It’s business initiatives that are embraced, not shunned.


Your employees are loyal.  They keep customers coming back because of the relationships they’ve fostered. And you realize the benefits of your healthy workplace culture in terms of profits and a solid bottom line.


But, what if your culture starts becoming toxic, and you’re not ahead of it?

What if your employees are so loyal they are protecting you from it?

What if you are facing turnover that eats into your time and profits?


Too often, poor culture leads to a mass exodus of high performing employees because they know they can do better elsewhere.  The void they leave behind can be even more devastating than the unhealthy culture that caused them to quit.


For professional advice on learning how you can better align your culture with your entire team to produce a high performance company join us for breakfast on March 31, 7:30 – 9 am, at Foglia YMCA, 1025 Old McHenry Rd., Lake Zurich


Gary Boza, Managing Partner of WorldBridge Partners, will present a proactive, 36-question, anonymous employee survey that examines the 12 Essential Elements of High Performing Organizations. It will give you an amazingly accurate read on what your employees are really thinking and feeling. Their V.O.I.C.E ® Report includes the explanation of your survey results and analyzes your business culture from three unique perspectives — owner, leadership, and employees. This report offers recommendations that could make a world of difference to you, your workplace morale, and your bottom line.


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$20 – Chamber Member.  $45 – Non Chamber Member (Includes Breakfast)



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