2023 Awards: Community Impact Nomination Form

The Community Impact Award honors a business or organization that is a “force” for good in making a positive difference in our community. The winner will be selected for their demonstrated success, innovation, and contributions to economic growth and free enterprise. Awards will be open for nomination submissions until November 11th.
  • Criteria

    All nominees must be a current member of the LZ Area Chamber of Commerce. Except for the Rookie of the Year, all nominees must be in business or service at least two years. Nominees should demonstrate unique or innovative approaches to business with active community involvement.
  • Nominations

    May be submitted by nominee or nominator. Awards will be open for nomination submissions until January 8th. Members of the Executive Committee will serve as a Review Panel to make sure submissions are valid, members are in good standing and to work out any other kinks in the process. A business or professional may only be allowed to win one award that evening, and there must be a two-year gap between winning the same award.
  • Weighted Score

    The totals, based on percentages below, will be tallied to identify the winners. Public Votes-20% Membership Votes-50% Board Votes-30%